We started thecoolstuffco because we like cool stuff and we weren't seeing enough of it around. What we could see, was an abundance of fast fashion and mass-produced gimmicks, all created to thieve craftsmanship and originality from us. We never want to be passengers on the waste culture train and we know there are lots of people out there that feel the same way. 

So we had an idea to start an online store that only stocked cool stuff.  By this we mean well made products sourced from innovative makers. You’ll find that all of our products meet the thecoolstuffco test, so that you’re always guaranteed to have the best.

The test asks

Is it Cool? 

The concept of ‘cool’ takes on many definitions. It can relate to form, function, or both. Sometimes it is simply a feeling elicited. Often, when something is cool, it's hard to explain in words, rather it’s more of a knowing. When you think, wow, that’s a cool product, what you’re probably noticing is the craftsmanship, genius innovation or the way it makes the world better. Maybe it’s just iconic. Whatever dimension has attracted you, we make sure that when you see our products, that you can’t help saying, ‘that’s cool!’

Is the Quality a level above?

Our personal philosophy is to seek the best. Often it's a timeless piece that lasts a lifetime, the intricate stitching along a seam or exceptional performance that makes a product superior. Most importantly quality is never wasteful, it’s unlikely to become a victim to landfill. We are uncompromising on quality, because you deserve it. 

Is it made by our fellow countrymen? 

We focus on supporting the local economy, so most of our products are Australian made, sourced and manufactured. We like local because we know Australians make some really cool stuff, and that makes us proud. We also aim to reduce the global impact of products moving across the world. Every now and again, we might bring in a product from another country, only because it is undeniably cool, but these occurrences are rare.   

This is our DNA and what thecoolstuffco is all about. So our promise to you, is that we won’t sell or stock a product unless we truly love it.  

Got any ideas or feel like a chat?

We’re always on the hunt for more cool stuff, so if you have a product or a suggestion for one that passes the test, or if you just feel like dropping us a line, please contact us using the details below.