Bring the COOL back to cool

So what is cool?

According to the dictionary and in the context of this article, cool is fashionably attractive or impressive, or free from excitement, anxiety, or excessive emotion. So basically looking good and keeping it all chill. On the surface, this basic definition seems ok, but what I know, is that calling or labelling something cool usually means its not. Just saying the word brings about an idea of uncool. 

Cool dog, just chillin

It's the unsaid thing, it's the way of being or doing that makes something cool. It's just beyond your grasp, and to name it chases it away.

Ok then, if you can't really focus on 'cool' in fear of the essence vanishing away into un-coolness, let's rather focus on what we know is not cool and then just apply an opposite must therefore be true rule.

Cheap gimmicky gifts. not cool. Why? How can something that damages our earths natural and human resources be cool?  Whoa cowboy, slow down, don't get so distressed so quickly, so uncool. What do you mean our planets resources?

What I mean is that we have to look at the bigger picture to see that cheap "cool" gifts, are anything but.

Gimicky, uncool products

- No lasting quality, so part of waste culture and the debris we see floating around our oceans and filling the landfills. Definitely uncool. 

- Mass produced products with minimal care to the workers involved, nor the environment within which they operate. The only way they can pump these things out at such low prices means someone is losing somewhere and that someone is definitely not the manufacturer. Definitely uncool.

-Shipped from further away than a flight to the moon. Can these products originate from any further away? Its like someone is going out of their way to get these items from the furthest part of the planet. Definitely uncool.

We need to shift focus on what we are spending our hard earned Dollars on. Get rid of the - buy anything from anywhere at the cheapest price mantra. How about Sustainability, Fair trade, Carbon aware, The non-exploitation of developing countries labour. We need to be better citizens of the world- now this is something that I think may be cool!

Products that create desire through design, innovation or purpose for a better world. Products that you truly love, that will last you a lifetime and never go out of fashion. Products that do exactly what you expect them to do, while looking and feeling amazing at the same time. Products that put a smile on your face! Products for lasting enjoyment and more sustainable resource management. Products made, sourced and manufactured locally as far as is possible. Sound cool?

This blog post was written by thecoolstuffco